Friday, October 2, 2009

You'll get a KICK out of this one!

How cool does this scooter look! Here is a very fun way for your kids to get the exercise they need! My daughter just turned 3 when she started using the mini kick scooter. She did not understand how to use it at first but once she got the hang of it, it became one of her top choices when we go for walks. It says it is for ages 3-5...but I believe if your child is younger and has good coordination, they could handle this scooter. (There is one for ages 6+ called the maxi kick which I will be reviewing at a later date).

This scooter does not work like most where the front wheels turn to steer. In order to make this scooter change directions the child has to lean and use his/her balance to make the scooter go in the desired direction. If you are worried about your child not being able to need to worry with this scooter. There is a brake on the back wheel. There is really not much that this scooter can't do in my opinion! It is a very smooth and quiet ride and it is ultra light weight as well.

This scooter promotes coordination, stability and balance. You can hop on, hop off, ride, push on the side to get going or just coast...just a few things you can do on this scooter. Once the kids get going fast, the smooth, quick movements make it very fun to watch. It's truly a pretty amazing scooter! And you will be amazed at what you kid can do after just a short time of using this scooter. My daughter just loves it.

Not only do I think this is a great scooter but it has recently been awarded the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Seal Award. That is a pretty big time award for the toy industry so you know this scooter is made of high quality and does all and more of what is advertised! To see these scooters in action click here!

GET YOUR OWN!! (with a coupon!) Kickboard USA is offering a 20% discount when you purchase either the mini kick, the g-bike or the maxi kick...or any combination of the three. The discount does not apply to parts or accessories. Use coupon code SIMPLE when checking out. This offer is valid through November 30th, 2009. Plan ahead...Christmas is right around the corner and these toys will not let you down!

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  1. The mini-kick was okay for our "almost" 2 year old when she tried it out. I'd definitely keep an eye on her to watch for falls but I think that it helped seeing a big kid use it. Really cool that it was lightweight enough for her to move around too, so many of the scooters we've seen are really heavy & bulky for her little 22 lb frame. :)


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