Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Definitely a Weil Baby!

I was looking through new products online and came across the Weil Baby Feeding and Accessories Website and started looking around. I loved what I found! Dr. Andrew Weil is a noted leader in integrated medicine, as well as a household name. I was pretty excited to be given the opportunity to sample the Tritan Nurser Bottle, the Tritan Training Cup, as well as the WeilBaby Ortho Pacifier.

My son, Tyler, LOVES the pacifier! I like it too because when you look at it, the Pacifier looks sturdy. It's flexible, but not so much that you feel like it's going to get sucked into his mouth (maybe an unwarranted fear, but a fear I have nonetheless). It's wider across the mouth as well, which I also like.


My nephew used the Tritan Training Cup during a recent visit. He enjoyed the colors as well as the easy to grasp handles. The Training Cup and Nurser Bottle both come with the Airwave Venting System, a one piece venting system that helps reduce Colic. (Something that I definitely appreciate!)

1The Nurser Bottle was easy to use and my son took to it just as well as he took to the pacifier. I like that the bottle also comes with the Airwave Venting System, anything to help reduce discomfort for my child after eating DEFINITELY makes things easier for me!

From the Website:

The AirWave™ Venting System!

  • Developed by world-class engineers

  • Easy to clean One Piece vent

  • Designed to outperform leading venting systems.

All Weil Baby Bottles and Cups include The AirWave™ Venting System

Weil Baby is a relatively new company, and their product line is located in select Babies R Us stores currently. They are definitely looking to expand their client base! Visit the Weil Baby website to check out their product line and to read more about the AirWave Venting System, as well as more about Dr. Andrew Weil!

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