Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Holidays Are Smelling Rather Nice

It's that time of year when you invite everyone you know into your home. We spent hours cooking and cleaning to make everything just perfect. But it seems that no matter how hard you try, the house never smells fresh. At least in our home that's the case. It may have something to do with the dogs. Or the boys. Or both.

Enter Febreeze Glowing Luminaries. These little gems are awesome. They look like a fun little candle, sitting there on your mantle, but are battery operated warmers that release a fragrance of your choice. Not only do you get the ambiance of the candle glow, you get a great room freshener that really does it's job.

Also in the Febreeze family are air fresheners and the Febreeze fabric spray. My daughter is a Febreeze fiend, and loves getting Febreeze Patrol duty. We liberally spray curtains, area rugs, the carpet, hanging Christmas stockings and lamp shades.

The room sprays are some of the best we've tried. And we've tried a lot. They smell wonderful without overpowering, and are very long lasting.

This holiday season, treat your guests to a wonderfully fragrant home.

Buy Your Own: Febreeze products can be found in just about any store. The fragrance choices are vast; have a good time.



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