Monday, November 30, 2009

Lunch Skins

Looking for a way to reduce everyday plastic waste and be the envy of the lunch table at the same time? Lunch Skins are a fun, reusable, durable and an extremely eco-chic way to say goodbye to the all too familiar plastic lunch baggie.

Want to know a pretty amazing fact? Since January of this year, Lunch Skins have saved an estimated 1.2 million plastic baggies from landfills!

Made out of quick-drying German fabric; Lunch Skins can be thrown in the dishwasher, are totally food safe, and are moisture proof and grease proof. We love that they come in two sizes, one perfect for hearty sandwiches (6.5" x 6", $9.95), the other perfect for a between meal snack (6.5" x 3.5", $7.95). sent me a Lunch Sack to put to the test - and test it out we did! My daughter is a PB&J kinda girl, so sticky jelly abounds! Every evening we've either wiped it out with soapy warm water or actually thrown it in the dishwasher. Time and time again, the Lunch Sack comes out clean and unharmed. Did we mention how cool they look?

GET IT YOURSELF! Give the gift of a Lunch Sack this holiday season. Visit to purchase yours.



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