Friday, February 26, 2010

Cover those germs!

As soon as my daughter got to the age that I had to start putting her into the shopping cart when we went grocery shopping, I soon realized that I would be putting her right into the middle of the germ festival. That is what I call the shopping cart handle. Uck!! Take a look at the picture below...she would be doing this on the handle if a cover was not there!! This cover is perfect for all "high chairs, shopping carts, and two seaters".
I came across Caden Lane when I was looking for a cute, quality shopping cart cover. Caden Lane's shopping cart cover has got to be the coolest looking ones I've seen yet! The fabric and construction used in making this is first class. Matter of fact, the day I received this in the mail I was SO excited to go grocery shopping. My husband just turned and laughed at me because I have NEVER said that before!! The cover is very simple to put onto the shopping cart too. I do it while holding my 6 month old in one hand and placing the cover on the cart with the other.

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*I was provided with the sample mentioned in this review free of charge.*


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