Thursday, February 4, 2010

Edoche - Keep Those Toesies Cozy

When I first laid eyes on these booties, I was totally smitten! These adorable baby shoes are made by Edoche, a company started by a mom with a passion for unique, comfortable items for baby.

Edoche Baby Booties provide maximum flexibility that support little growing feet. They promote healthy development of babies' feet while providing a high degree of comfort. These booties are targeted for babies ages 0 - 2, and come in a wide variety of great colors!

The outside of these booties are made of a lightweight microsuede fabric. The inside is completely lined with faux-fur to keep your little one's toes nice and toasty! They are easy to slip on, and stay secure with a lace tie. My little guy can walk around easily in them because they ARE so flexible and soft. Plus they are keeping his feet nice and warm this cold Midwest winter.

GET YOUR OWN!! Edoche Baby Booties are available for purchase on their website. They are very reasonably priced at just $28.



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