Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Miravos - Nursing Never Looked (Felt) So Good

While I was still pregnant, I started my hunt for the perfect nursing nightgown. Obviously, I wanted it to be easy to nurse in (even in the dark, during the wee hours of the night). I also wanted it to be flattering. The kind of flattering that makes me feel pretty even if I hadn't showered yet that day. I also wanted a nightgown that if I decided to stay in it half the day, I wouldn't feel like I was still in my pajamas. And lastly, I wanted it to stand up to the wear and tear of nursing a newborn and all the washings that went along with that.

Miravos Nursing and Maternity Clothes, made out of sustainable bamboo, was exactly what was looking for. Lately, I've been wearing to bed (every night it's clean and not in the laundry basket) the Miravos Liberty Sleep Dress ($79).

The Sleep dress is just that - a pajama that looks so good you're not sure if you should hit the hay in it. Probably my favorite part of the sleep dress is that it's made out of bamboo. Bamboo is a fantastic material not only because of it's sustainability, but because it's seriously breathable, keeping you comfortable and cool during wear. Bamboo also has excellent moisture absorption and ventilation properties, which is pretty awesome when it comes to nursing wear.

Miravos is not by any means just sleepwear. They have amazing shirts and dresses as well. I think my next Miravos piece might be the Chrystie tank ($29), I can see myself layering it with everything.

GET IT! You can purchase Miravos online.

*I was provided a sample for review purposes.



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