Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Moby Wrap - More Than a Baby Carrier

When I was pregnant with my 2nd child, I was reading lots of blogs than spoke really highly of baby wearing, particularly with wraps.  Actually, one of those blogs was Drea's, a mom here at Simple!

It didn't take me long to fall in love with baby wearing.  I recently was sent a Moby Wrap in the color Sienna. I really, really, like it a lot (can I stress really?).  Essentially, a Moby wrap is a long stretchy (but not too stretchy) piece of extremely soft fabric that you can wear your baby (preemie to 35 lbs) in many different holds.

I'll admit it - when I first got the Moby, I was intimidated because the wrapping techniques looked kinda complex for this newbie baby wearer. My advice to you, take a deep breath - it's really not hard at all when you get the hang of it.  I got out my instructions, stood in front of a full length mirror, and figured it out easily in just a few minutes time.  And don't worry - the Moby comes with tons of how-to support!  Included in the packaging is a booklet (or visit their website for the same info, even some videos) with instructions for 8 different way to "hold" your baby. 
My favorite way to hold my 4 month old son is in the Hug Hold and the Lotus Hold.  The hug hold is great for when I want him to fall asleep, and the Lotus Hold is great for when he's wide awake and wants to look out and see the world!

Another reason I love the Moby is that it's one carrier that my husband will wear.  He's commented to me before that since it's so simple and basic, (he means not too girlie), that he feels confident wearing it out and about.

Overall, the Moby is a GREAT (affordable) carrier for anyone who wants to stay close to their baby, and look good doing it!

Want to learn more about the Moby wrap and the benefits of baby wearing?  Follow Moby Wrap on Twitter and become a Moby Facebook Fan.

GET YOUR OWN (with a coupon!):  The Moby Wrap ($39.95) can be purchased online and at many brick-and-morter stores across the country.  Use the coupon code "simplemoby" for 15% off their website through 4/20/10.


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  1. So much more comfortable than one of those backpack carriers. It becomes a part of you.


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