Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Perfect Coasters

We recently purchased some new end tables for our living room. Like all new furniture (especially for those of us who don't get "new" furniture often), we've been soo hesitant to use them.... set ANYTHING on them!!! LOL!!

So when I found the beautiful coasters on Etsy at Love My Coasters, I was drooling! All the designer fabric choices were amazing and would go with any color theme! And they were perfect for us!!!

I love their construction!! They are fabric with peltex and interfacing in the middle, making them sturdy! The backs of the coasters are made of a faux leather that gives added protection for the furniture from heat and moisture!! And would you believe that they also are washable!!

They are sooo perfect with kids running around!!! Since they are fabric you don't have to worry about kids dropping them on toes, throwing them or even scratching said new furniture. And since they are washable (both machine and in the sink), dirty little hands and mouths can't mess them up:) Soo practical!!

GET YOUR OWN!! You can get your own set of coasters from Love My Coasters! They come in sets of 4 for only $12!!! They would make a great gift or piece of a gift, or just nice accents for your own living room decor:) Go pick out your favorite fabric, I am enjoying the Dandy Damask in Pistachio/cocoa!


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