Monday, April 5, 2010

The Ritmo by Nuvo

The Ritmo™ Advanced Sound System by Nuvo is the most advanced and complete prenatal music player, delivering quality and safe sound to the tiniest listeners. Ritmo allows you and your baby to share the sensory and emotional experience of bonding through sound and music, while being supportive, safe, and stylish at the same time.
Extensive scientific research shows numerous positive contributions of music to human fetal development. Reactive listening begins at 17 weeks, so choose classical music for the calming Mozart Effect, the classic rock of The Beatles, or the upbeat show tunes of Broadway. Any type of audio you can listen to on your iPod/MP3's earphones can be enjoyed by your baby at the same time.

And why not get Dad and other family members involved? Record Dad reading his favorite children’s book, siblings talking, grandparents singing a lullaby, or the family dog barking. Babies remember and prefer sounds they heard before they were born.

Ritmo was designed with your lifestyle in mind! Its soft fabric belt is lightweight, elasticized and supportive. Whether you’re doing yoga, walking the dog, working or simply relaxing, Ritmo will allow you to interact with and experience sound with your child in a whole new way.

After the baby is born, the Ritmo continues to adapt to your child’s needs and changing environments with new Ritmo™ Applications for the crib, stroller and toys.

Ritmo is the perfect pregnancy gift for yourself or that special pregnant woman in your life!

I was informed of this product my another blogger and I thought it was very interesting so I wanted to share it with all of our readers. I did not recieve one as a review, so all of this info was taken from their site.

GET YOUR OWN!! Nuvo Ritmo Pregnancy Sound System - $129.99



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