Sunday, April 18, 2010

Zaza Hammocks

IMG_9525Ever have a newborn that just would not settle?

You tried nursing... giving them a few extra ounces in a bottle...

rocking them...

Laying down with them...

Maybe even pushing them in a stroller outside in an attempt to get them to sleep...


That little one just would not settle.

Well here I am with my 3rd sweet little man Owen and I can honestly say I have been in this position where nothing would calm him.

Except the Zaza Hammock.

It must have something to do with the motion of swaying in it or possibly just the way it cradles the baby... whatever it may be Owen loves it.
You can hang these outside or inside. They are easy enough to remove from one room to another depending on where you want it to hang. We have enjoyed using ours outdoors. This way we can play with our older two boys while Owen takes a nap nearby in the hammock.


[You can adjust the hammock differently for older kids as well like this photo shows.]

To those concerned with safety while using the hammocks. Please be sure you hang them securely. I also have found that I like to use a wedge sleep position-er that I also use in my crib to keep Owen from rolling over. These wedges can be purchased at most stores for about $9.00-$20. I got mine from Walmart in the baby dept. I keep a close eye on Owen while he naps in the Hammock as well... With newborn its wise I think to keep a close eye on them no matter where they sleep. Also to those curious if I use this at night, I don't but it has been really nice for naps.

GET YOUR OWN: With a wide variety of beautiful vintage fabrics these hammocks can be purchased off Etsy for $70. They are VERY well made and can even hold larger children and adults if you'd like. My two older boys have enjoyed the hammock as well.

A SIMPLE COUPON: Mention SIMPLE in a note to the seller when checking out and receive 10% off your purchase of any hammock.

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