Tuesday, June 1, 2010


All 3 of my boys have been pacifier babies.
I grew up as a thumb sucker and despite how cute I found thumb sucking babies, I knew I wanted mine to take a pacifier... just because I didnt quit until I was 12!!! So I didnt even want to start that battle with my kids haha...

I found out very quickly however that you needed some sort of pacifier clip if you wanted to keep track of it while out.

I didnt like the look of most I saw... but when I saw the BINK LINK I immediately knew I wanted one.

I got my 1st BINK LINK 3 years ago! I used one with my son Taite and now am using the same one with Owen.

I was recently sent some new BINK LINK designs and LOVE THEM. They are so adorable! These are also by far the easiest pacifier clips to clean as well! If your baby spits up on them you just rinse them with hot water and they are like new.

I use mine any time I wear Owen. Clips right onto my ring sling.


GET YOUR OWN: From Ice cream cones, to blue berries to even skully designs, BINK LINK has many options for every baby :)

BINK LINK also offers FRUITABEES, baby necklaces! Great for teethers.

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BINK LINK sent me a new BLUE BERRY design bink link for review. I however purchased my own PEAS and Carrots BINK LINK years ago myself.


  1. The Bink Links works really great! I had one for my daughter. We got two because one for stop thumb sucking gloves...real cute gloves for girls and boys. http://endthumbsucking.com

  2. This coupon code is not working.


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