Friday, June 25, 2010

Getting Fit with Lindsay!

I am always looking for a good workout - something to stretch me. But, I get bored pretty easily if something doesn't keep my attention. After all, when I am sitting in my living room doing a workout DVD, there are about 40 other things going through my head that need to be done as I look around! That is why I enjoy going to the gym much more. BUT, let's just face it. Some days we only have about a half hour to get a decent workout in. Well, I want to make the best of my time, when I don't have a ton of extra time. I am so glad to have found Lindsay Brin and all her workouts. She is one amazing woman...and Momma!! Her workouts on the DVD's that I was sent are not long, but holy moly, what a GREAT workout! I just love them!

After just ONE workout (from Core Metabolic Jumpstart) I was definitely feeling it the next day!

Here is a little "teaser" from the other DVD (Shed 5 Fast) that I was sent:

After reading more about Lindsay and her journey, I like her workouts even more! She has a great story - I pulled this from her Blog (I'm sure so many women can relate):

"Watch the good, the bad and the ugly of Lindsay Brin getting her body back! After 4 IVFs, 2 miscarriages and 2 beautiful babies there was extra weight gain. Lindsay Brin, B.S.E. & CPT, started Moms Into Fitness to help moms get a flat stomach again. She has starred in & choreographed 13 fitness DVDs, most recently becoming an author of 2 international sellers."

She has a whole section filled with FREE workouts too...if you aren't able to get her actual workout DVD's right now. Or, even if you are able to get one or more DVD's, these are great in addition to any workout you are currently doing!

You can follow Moms Into Fitness and Lindsay Brinn on Facebook too and be the first to hear about contests, specials and other great things going on! She is always updating with great information!

GET YOUR OWN! You have to run on over Moms Into Fitness and check out ALL the items she has! For any order placed, if you use coupon code DVD20 - you will receive 20% off your order! Also, if you use these next few codes, you will get some for free! "SP1" for a free Stroller Pump Workout Level 1 and "SP2" for a free Stroller Pump workout Level 2. So many DVD's and items to choose from, have fun!
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  1. The coupon code DVD20 says it's not valid on the moms into fitness site. Please help.

  2. Uh Oh...lemme look into this!!



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