Friday, July 2, 2010

Hillsong Live - "A Beautiful Exchange" Indeed!

I love music. I really do. It is always on wherever I am. I love to sing, my girls love to dance and sing and we just have a ball. Most importantly, I love having safe, effective, grounded music that my girls will be listening to and taking from. In this day and age, this combination is hard to come by from time to time. I have a wonderful option for those of you who are constantly on the search for amazing, spiritually moving music (my soul sings in delight along with this album).

With all that being said, I am always looking for great music to add to our library. I have found yet another wonderful group. Have you heard of Hillsong? If not, keep reading and you can learn about them as well as find out how you can hear them.

Here is a little about their "story":

Beginning in 1988, Hillsong LIVE released its first worship album, Spirit and Truth, and now has 19 recordings with distribution in almost 90 countries worldwide. The Hillsong Church Worship and Creative Arts team, led by Joel Houston and Reuben Morgan, is made up of hundreds of dedicated singers and musicians, as well as a highly trained production crew. This team teaches new songs to Hillsong Church members almost every weekend. The Hillsong LIVE albums reveal the best of these songs and are meant to be a resource to enable people to enter into new dimension and atmosphere of praise and worship to the Lord, and to share some of what God is doing at Hillsong Church with Christians around the world.

Now here is a little about the church itself:

Based in Sydney, Australia, Hillsong Church is one of the world’s fastest-growing ministries, with a 25,000-plus strong congregation in Australia, as well as one of the largest evangelical churches in London, Cape Town and Kiev. Hillsong also has churches in Stockholm and Paris, and recently announced plans to establish a new church in New York City. Hillsong Music has sold over 11 million albums to date and has earned 30 Gold and Platinum awards around the world.

Now that you have a little of their background, aren't you intrigued? I was! They have so many amazing songs on this album. You can hear some portions of each of their songs on their website. Check this short clip out about one of the songs...what an amazing heart!!

Find them on Facebook too by clicking HERE.

GET YOUR OWN!! The album was released on June 29, 2010. You can get your own copy now by visiting their website. Then just click on the appropriate item you want to purchase. You can also purchase individual songs on iTunes.
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*I was provided with this Hillsong Live album free of charge.*

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