Friday, August 13, 2010

The oobr is "uber" cool!!

I am in the car ALL the time it seems. It is a very rare day if the girls and I stay home...very rare. So every time my husband and I were at a decision point in regards to transporting our children, we take it very seriously. We do a lot of investigating, polling of opinions, etc. We don't make a decision on a whim. Safety is number one to us! With that being said, we found Clek and their oobr booster seat! Not only does it look super sweet, but it is SUPER safe! The safety, the durabilty, the...everything! This booster seat is the whole package!

Check out the "Company Overview" pulled from their Facebook page:

We saw a need to provide contemporary products designed to appeal to kids while being engineered to give parents all the safety features they want and the convenience they need. We pride ourselves in providing simple solutions so you can keep going without missing the stuff of life – trips to the grocery store and visits to grandma’s house. clek products go with you and your child on every adventure across town or across country.

We utilize clever, striking design and advanced engineering techniques to create meticulously-crafted products that excel in both “form” and “function.” We're focused on the innovative solution to make your life easier without sacrificing the style and safety you expect. To sum it up, clek is a kid-focused company that provides clever products for modern families on the move.

One thing my husband kept saying as he was installing the booster seat was, "WOW, this is intense!" So...obviously I had to get in on the action. What he was talking about was the safety and the size of the seat. My first thought was, ok, how am I going to move this seat from car to car. No worries all of you out there who are constantly moving your car seats from one car to the other. It's not bad at all!! :)

You can follow Clek on Facebook too!

GET YOUR OWN: Now that you have heard what I have to say, it's time to go and check it out yourself. Or, you can just take my word for it and get one! :) You can get one like the one pictured for around $300. The other styles you can get for a little less!

*I was provided with oobr Paul Frank booster seat pictured above from Clek free of charge.*

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  1. I agree it is very cool. I really like this seat!!


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