Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jack Rabbit Creations - Classic Wooden Toys

Ahoy mateys! Time to set aside those obnoxiously loud, battery charged, fluorescent toys. (Insert *sigh* of relief here.) Because at Jack Rabbit Creations, you're about to find heirloom quality toys that you and your kids will equally LOVE!

I am SMITTEN over the line of Classic Wooden Toys found exclusively at Jack Rabbit Creations. With several different designs, each of these toys are made of sustainable wood and include playshapes held in place by magnets.

You little one's imagination will soar as they take the gang to the beach in the Classic Woodie. Or as they hit the big top in the Circus Truck. I'll admit it, I've had my fair share of adventures on the high seas with our Pirate Ship. :) Its so fun to arrange and rearrange all my little pirate friends! Oh, and yes, my kids love it too.

What do I love best about these wooden bundles of goodness from Jack Rabbit Creations? They give my kids the opportunity to engage their imaginations WITHOUT piercing my eardrums with loud sirens, songs, etc. Plus, with their adorable designs, they double as cute decorational items!

At Jack Rabbit Creations, you'll find an assortment of heirloom quality toys and gifts. Their products are instant classics, using natural materials favoring a "no batteries required" approach. Yesssss.

Visit Jack Rabbit Creations to see their entire line of toys and gifts. The items featured in this review all sell for $40.00.

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