Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Green Garmento

I try to buy very little for myself or my kids that requires dry cleaning (or even ironing for that matter).  But my husband? He's another story.

He wears nice pants and a button down shirt every.single.workday.  And while he can get more than one wear out of a shirt (assuming he's careful with his morning coffee), he prefers me to send them out to be pressed and starched.

So, every other week, I make a trip to the dry cleaners down the street. And every other week, I throw away 2-3 of those huge plastic bags, straight into the landfill.

Did you know? Around 300 million pounds of plastic drycleaning bags that end up in our landfills each year?  Gah.

I've found a solution! The Green Garmento (Retail: $9.99) will not only eliminate those wasteful plastic bags, but will also streamline your laundry and make you more organized.
 Here's how it works:

Pretty Cool, huh?

Get your own! The Green Garmento is very affordable at only $9.99 a piece.  Do yourself a favor, get two right from the start.  Want more?  Visit them on Facebook and Twitter (where you might be able to score a free bag).



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