Friday, November 12, 2010

Making life simpler with simplehuman!

Is it possible to love a trash can? If so, I'm in love! I don't have the ability to hide my trash can away in the cupboard because, well, cupboard space in my home is very limited. So, I have to have mine out in the open. No one likes trash, but let's face it, it is always there! I have finally found the answer to my trash troubles!

As you can tell, I am very excited about this new trash can. You can actually read my very expressive post on my own personal blog if you want :) You can see it HERE.

simplehuman sent me their fingerprint proof round step can. Awesomeness wrapped into a trash can! And yes, I did say fingerprint proof. With two little ones running around (ages 4.5 and 1.5), we have definitely tested this feature out. Passed with flying colors!

Another thing that I really love about this trash can is the fact that it isn't noisy when it closes. "Lid shox technology" is what makes the lid close so quietly. The technology uses air suspension shocks! Fantastic feature for when my Lili throws something away and Adalynn is sound asleep. She actually stays asleep because the trash can isn't slamming shut! has a 10-year warranty!

Here are a couple other features:
  • Sturdy, non-skid base - keeps the trash can steady
  • fingerprint proof - need I say more?!?!
  • Slim profile hinge - which allows the can to get closer to the wall
  • Smartbucket bag change system - no more messy bag overhang and mishaps when taking the trash out!

After I got the trash can all set up, my husband grabbed their product book and kept saying, we need this...we need this...etc.

More reviews will be coming in the future from this awesome company...i hope this review has given you the gusto to go out and take a peek into simplehuman. So far, every product that I have have the ability to use has been awesome!!

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GET YOUR OWN!! You can get your own fingerprint proof step can for $69.99-79.99 from simplehuman. Why not spruce your home up before the holidays are upon us! No time like the present to have simplehuman help you out with this! With any order over $25, they include free shipping! That is reason enough right there to start shopping!
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*I was provided with the fingerprint proof step can from simplehuman free of charge to conduct this review.*

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  1. I have wanted one of these for a very long time. I wonder if they plan on having a "black friday" sale...


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