Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Reusable Snowflakes!

A past company I reviewed for called Harmony Lantern had up on their facebook wall some pictures of a new product they are selling on their shop.

They are reusable snowflakes!

It immediately caught my eye which, led to them sending me some to sample.

They are beautiful and so fun. They are called Mino Washi snowflakes.


With an already "snowflake" theme in my mind for this years Christmas accent in our home... we had dozens of paper snowflakes already cut out... I knew that this would make the perfect addition to the home this Christmas.

With a spritz of water, these snowflakes stick to your windows and stay. They are made in japan, hand crafted and unique... and the best part, they are reusable! Each year you can take them back down just as easily as you put them up, store them, and put them back up every year.

: With a variety of sizes and shapes, all with names :-) - you can purchase your very own reusable snowflakes over at Harmony Lantern.

A SIMPLE COUPON: You can use the coupon code "HOSSA" - and save by getting FREE SHIPPING on your orders! This also can be used towards the beautiful harmony lanterns as well (we own two and love them!)


-below- a video showing how rice paper is made... I found it really interesting to watch and thought it be nice to include in this review:

When you think of all the hard work that goes into making the paper... $12 doesn't seem like so much for a wonderful keepsake that can be reusable over and over.

dreasimplesignature copyDisclosure:
Harmony Lantern sent me a few snowflakes to showcase and review on SIMPLE.


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