Friday, April 15, 2011

orbit baby G2 :: next generation, same revolution.

This here is the Cadillac of all strollers. At least, I think it is!

Orbit Baby and their G2 Stroller. I was extremely fortunate to get one. (I actually won it through a giveaway via Late Night Parents on MomTV, Dada Rocks and Dad Street - follow them on twitter for the latest: @latenightparent, @dadarocks, @dadstreet) And because I was SO incredibly thankful and fell immediately in love with it once I got it, I decided I just had to share this with you all!

If you want to see more videos on the Orbit Baby G2 stroller, click HERE and it will bring you to the YouTube page where Orbit Baby is featured. There are a ton of fantastic videos on here to learn more about Orbit Baby! Also, if you click HERE you will see a ton of information that shows all the research and everything involved with the brand. These guys are top notch!!

So...why do I LOVE my Orbit Baby Stroller? Let me list the reasons for you now:
  • Totally compact. Fits into the back of my SUV and doesn't take up a ton of space. This also fits very nicely into the back of any car from what I have seen.
  • You can buy additional accessories so the stroller grows with your child - from infant all the way to well as multiple children.
  • The carriage underneath is so transportable. The red little pod shown in the picture is removable. It is our new diaper bag. It slides in and out very quickly and there is plenty of room for now!
  • So, so, SO simple to fold the stroller. With a twist here and a lift there, voila. It's folded (or unfolded) and ready for action! Even simple for this preggo mama who gets confused quite easily at this stage in the game :)
  • Comes with a snack tray...a total necessity for those long shopping trips.
  • The chair swivels and rotates and moves into any position you need it to move into. You can see that demonstrated in the video above.
  • A cup holder for my water bottle with divots on each side where I typically put my phone and my keys if I don't want to put them in my purse.
  • The handles are great for hanging things on...purse, shopping bags, jackets, etc.
  • The shade above the child's head is a GREAT size. Seems like on a lot of strollers, the shades never quite cover the head and eyes. And that upsets Adalynn. Not with this one!
Right now my Adalynn is riding in the stroller. We use the Stroller Seat attachment. As soon as the baby arrives however, she is getting booted to the back! :) But, I feel she will still love it because then she will get to ride on the very sweet and modern looking Sidekick Stroller Board.

orbit baby article-thumbnail-11_jpg_220x160_q90orbit baby article-thumbnail-53_jpg_220x160_q90orbit baby productimage-picture-stroller-g2-124_jpg_550x410_q90

Everyone is always stopping me asking what kind of stroller this is. I actually had a lady the other day at the museum stop me and have me take it apart a bit so she could understand it. She pulled her husband over to check it out as well. When I was done she told me she was heading straight to Buy Buy Baby (the only retailer locally that carries it). How fun!

I seriously can't sing the praises well enough about this stroller. If you have a retailer near you that carries this line, go check it out yourself. You won't be disappointed in it. And yes, the price point is high, but in comparison to what you get in this stroller, I truly believe it is worth it.

Orbit Baby Stroller Travel System G2 :: $900 :: Click HERE to find out where to purchase one for yourself. You can find physical retail locations that sell Orbit Baby, Online retailers as well as a Buy Now section. I have seen them at our local Buy Buy Baby.

shannonsignature copy*I won this stroller in a contest and just had to share my findings with you all...because this stroller is really as cool as it looks! Since getting it, we have purchased the additional infant seat to go along with it.*


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