Thursday, May 5, 2011

daddy a go go :: grandkid rock

Upbeat, FUN, toe-tapping, dance inspiring, rock 'n' roll.  If you read no further, that's how I best sum up Daddy A Go Go's newest release Grandkid Rock, so go check it out.

When I first listened to Grandkid Rock and described it to my husband, the best way I could compare the music style was to classic rock.  Although Daddy A Go Go's remix of "What A Wonderful World" definitely sounds much more contemporary than the rest of the tracks, it somehow works and is an all around good time.

A lot of the humor found in the songs from Grandkid Rock are over the head of my girls (the oldest is only 3), but from the very start "It's Hard to Be a Kid" had me laughing with its opening lyrics of: "It's hard to be a kid, especially when you do what I did.  How was I to know, that peanut butter wouldn't help my hair grow?"  Bwah hahahaha!!!

If you're looking for a good rock 'n' roll CD that will appeal to toddlers and grade-schoolers alike you need some Daddy A Go Go, Grandkid Rock.  Not only will you be introducing your kids to another great musical genre, you'll be saving yourself (and ultimately your kids) from listening to the latest radioactively colored kids show character. 

CARINNSIMPLESIGNATURE copy*I was provided with the Daddy A Go Go CD shown above to conduct this review using personal experience.  The opinions expressed are my own.*


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