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If you are like me you have likely jumped on and off the trendy workout bandwagon -- Billy Blanks anyone? So I was understandably skeptical when a friend recommended the Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy Workout DVD to me after having my son. She promised me it would work to tighten everything up after the months of stretching everything out. It did. When it comes to workouts there is only one measure of success, your body.

When I found out that Tracy had come out with a whole new workout I was very excited to give it a try. Metamorphosis by Tracy is a 90-day program, based on your body type (there are four types to choose from), that consists of a diet plan (including recipes), muscular structure work and a cardio component. Within the first moments of the DVD Tracy promises a perfect body. And to be honest -- I believe her.

I have not yet completed 90 days, but here is my breakdown of the workout so far:
  • The daily time commitment is a little over an hour (once you switch the DVDs and get situated). I appreciate being able to do this in the comfort of my own home. Many times I have completed this workout with my toddler running around me (even lying on top of me as I try to do the ab exercises).
  • As with any Tracy Anderson workout, this is hard from moment one until the end. But, if you are giving an hour of your day to benefit your body why not give it 100%.
  • I don't hate Tracy at any point during the workout DVDs. This seems like a silly thing to note, but if you have seen some of the workout DVDs I have done in the past you will appreciate that actually liking the person leading you through the workout is really rare.
  • Every workout starts out with a half hour of cardio. When dancing to this cardio portion I look like a five-year-old having just consumed a bowl of Fun Dip dancing to Yo Gabba Gabba. It's pretty great. And you aren't expected to perfect the routine the first time through...or even the seventh. You are encouraged to just keep moving and catching on.
  • After cardio you complete a half hour of toning exercises. These toning exercises switch every 10 days keeping it interesting for you and your muscles. Tracy targets the little muscles that pull everything together instead of just focusing on the big muscle groups. I think this makes a huge difference in the results.
  • The workout is really fun. Even if there are those one or two moves that make me cringe every time I do them I always end with sweat and a smile, two great signs of productive exercise.
You can read a lot more about Tracy Anderson, her workouts and her devoted followers -- including Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez -- by visiting her in-depth website at I highly recommend Tracy's workouts and agree that if you follow through with her programs you will see real results.

Tracy Anderson Method :: $89.97 :: Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson DVDs

SARAHSIGNATURE*I was provided the Metamorphosis by Tracy DVDs to conduct this review using personal experience. The opinions expressed are my own*


  1. I love everything about this review. My favorite part? "I don't hate Tracy at any point during the workout." LOL!! It's SO true though that so many workout dvd's or shows you are just so annoyed by the leader! I'll have to try out her post-pregnancy workout...but after 3 kids I might be a lost cause.

  2. I swear Kate the DVD works. It's hard... but it works. She just works muscles in different ways and I think that is the key.

  3. Which "centric" DVD series did you buy?

  4. I started her method 1 month ago and metamorphosis 14 days ago and already seen real changes on my body , with inches numbers decreasing everywhere ( and i m a workout addict since 7 years) i donnot follow the diet but really commited to the workout 6 days a week sweating and getting my muscles burn ! Damn its hard but it works and so becomes addictive !

  5. I did this workout for 45 days, 6 days a week, never skipped a day, never skimped on the energy, and did not change my eating habits/diet at all. I measured every 10 days just per instructions. I measured this morning, on the 45th day, and discovered that I have not lost even half an inch on ANY part of my body. They do not accept returns or exchanges after 30 days, so I guess I'm just out of luck.

  6. I did the Omnicentric DVDs to tone all over. LOVE them!


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