Saturday, May 28, 2011

wahl :: color pro 20-piece clipper set {father's day gift idea}

I was really nervous six months ago when my husband announced he'd like ME to start cutting his hair. I had absolutely no experience and feared it would be a total disaster! I knew we'd save over $500 per year by doing it at home, but what I didn't know was how easy Wahl has made men's home hair care. Now, trimming my husband's hair in the comfort of our own bathroom is a piece of cake!

Just in time for Father's Day, Wahl sent me the Color Pro 20-Piece Hair Cutting Kit to try, and I loved the system's fool-proof color coding. Each color corresponds to a length measurement, and the color key is right on the handle for easy reference! The clippers have a simple on/off switch, and guide combs are numbered so you always get the same cut each and every time.

My husband (an engineer) prefers I use the 2, 4 & 6 guides for a clean-cut, professional look, while my sister-in-law prefers a 4 and 8 on my nephew for longer "spikes" on top. There is an instructional manual included which explains which pieces to use and how.

The guides make it much easier to trim the hair of a squirmy 4-year-old, and I especially appreciate not having to worry about accidentally cutting him.

The clippers themselves are heavy-duty and have self-sharpening, high-carbon steel blades which can cut thick hair without getting jammed. They weigh just enough to feel well-made without being too heavy to use comfortably.
The set (which includes scissors, combs, cleaning oils, and 12 guides) comes in a plastic case that can easily be stored in the bathroom. The Wahl Color Pro kit is ideal for beginners or experienced hair choppers looking to save a few dollars. For the cost of  a couple of trips to the barber, Dad can have a complete clipper set to use at home whenever he likes!

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  1. We LOVE our Wahl clippers. I've always cut my boys' hair and Wahl makes it really easy to do so. Not gonna lie...I want this color one now!! So much prettier that the black one I have. :)

  2. You do such a good job explaining and the pictures are great too! Thanks for the effort put into this review!

  3. I really would LOVE to learn how to cut my hubby and my son's hair. Does anyone have a good website to recommend that can help explain how to do some basic cuts?

  4. Hey, Lori!

    I just search YouTube for instructional videos and watched one (multiple times!) that resulted in the hairstyle my husband wanted (Wahl even puts up how-to videos). I promise it's so much easier than it looks!


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