Wednesday, June 22, 2011

comfy creations :: neck wrap i pillow set

We've all had one of "those days". You don't have to be a Mom to feel the weight of the world sitting on your shoulders. But, as a Mom, I seem to be feeling this weight on a more regular basis -- let's just say daily. Short of winning the lottery and hiring a full-time masseuse I wasn't sure there was anything that could relax me out of the stress I seem to carry physically in my body. Comfy Creations, a wonderful Etsy store founded by a licensed massage therapist and Oriental Body Worker, has given me the hope I needed that relief doesn't only come in the form of a $90 massage session.

Developed to help ease her clients from the effects of chronic pain due to daily stress, strain, fibromyalgia and arthritis, Comfy Creations products can be used on just about any aching body part. Each product is carefully constructed to include ingredients known for their effectiveness in combination. Long grain white rice is most effective in creating moist head to penetrate muscles. Flaxseed helps retain heat. Aromatherapy through lavender helps calm and ease stress and tension (and of course it smells absolutely amazing).

I received my Comfy Creations Neck Wrap and i Pillow set in the mail after one seriously trying week. I immediately (as in, straight from the packaging) put the neck wrap on and started soaking in the delicious smells of lavender while feeling the comforting qualities of the gentle pressure from the rice. The cut of the pillow allows for a personalized and comfortable fit whether standing, sitting or lying down. After waking up STILL wearing the neck wrap I can attest that relaxation is a claim this product can stand behind.

At under $20, these products make amazing gifts. Do you need a gift for a Mom-t0-be or new mom? Why not shower her with the gift or personal relaxation. Really there isn't anyone who wouldn't appreciate these pillows. And you have to check out the many, varied and fun patterns offered -- I had a hard time choosing which one was my favorite. Life may deal you stressful times but that doesn't mean you have to suffer the physical effects of stress.

Comfy Creations :: $19.50 :: Neck Wrap i Pillow Set

SIMPLE readers can take advantage of the great 10% discount at Comfy Creations Etsy store by using the coupon code COMFY10 with a purchase! Have fun shopping!

*I was provided a Neck Wrap and i Pillow Set to conduct this review using personal experience. The opinions expressed are my own*


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