Thursday, June 2, 2011

gourmet du village :: elegant entertaining

Having just spent the holiday weekend with family and friends I know that summer has officially kicked off.  With that comes many more get togethers at the lake, grilling out and just having fun.  Which also means there will be many more times where I'll need to help provide some snacks and food.

Gourmet du Village has helped me start this new summer entertaining season off right and I'm pretty sure that I'll be using them to help continue that trend.  Not only was making the Onion Chive Dip Mix that came with my Cabernet Dip Chiller beyond easy (mix 1 cup sour cream and 1 cup mayo with the dip mix packet and let sit for 15 min.) it was so DELICIOUS that even the kids loved it!!!

Before I tried the Dip Chiller out I was a little skeptical of how long it would work to keep dips chilled.  The basic premise being that you add ice to the chiller and then put your dip in the top.  I was amazed when I needed to replenish the ice in the chiller only once in the 4 hours we were outside on a 94 degree afternoon, and my dip was still cool when it was time to leave!  You can see the condensation on the outside of my Cabernet Dip Chiller in the photo to the right.

Each Dip Chiller comes with a different Gourmet Dip Mix depending on what color Dip Chiller you get.  The Cabernet Dip Chiller has the Onion Chive Dip Mix included, but we also got to try out their new 5 Peppercorn Dip Mix.  I thought it was pretty nice that Gourmet du Village's new Gourmet Dip Recipe Box packaging includes the instructions for making the Dip Mix into a dip as well as some other tasty recipe ideas to use your dip mix for.  The 5 Peppercorn Dip Mix Recipe Box had suggestions using your Dip Mix to make a for topping burgers or a nice grilled steak.  Drool...

Cabernet Dip Chiller :: $14.99, regular price $18
5 Peppercorn or Onion Chive Gourmet Dip Mix :: $3.99, regular price $4.50 :: stock up on these Dip Mixes so you can have a delicious contribution to any summer get together in no time at all!

*I was provided with the Dip Chiller and Dip Mixes shown above in order to conduct this review using personal experience.  The opinions provided are my own.*

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  1. Wow, I will definitely look for these products! I love new ideas for summer entertaining, simple and elegant! Thanks again. Lee-Anne, Mont Tremblant, Qc.


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