Monday, June 20, 2011

knuffle bunny :: a cautionary tale

I was a huge bookworm as a child, and still love to cozy up with a great story. I knew before I even had kids that I wanted to someday pass along my lifelong love of reading. At one of my baby showers, the guests were asked to bring a book along to help build my girls' library. Knuffle Bunny was one of those books, and I adore it!

Knuffle Bunny is written by Mo Willems. and although my girls are still to small to actually read the words, the pictures are enough to capture their attention. Set on black and white photographic images, the characters stand out in brilliant color. The tale starts with a trip for Trixie and her dad as they head to the laundromat. Little Trixie doesn't quite yet speak, although you can certainly count baby babble as a language! Trixie brings her beloved Knuffle Bunny with her to the laundromat, where she inevitably leaves it behind. (As a parent, I know all too well what happens when a "lovey" is left somewhere. Yikes!). She tries and tries to communicate with her dad after leaving the laundromat, but he doesn't get why she is upset. Needless to say, tears ensue and after arriving at home, they discover that poor Knuffle Bunny is nowhere to be found, and Trixie's first words stand out in bold as she cries, "Knuffle Bunny!".

Such a cute story, and I love reading it to my girls. Maybe it's the uncanny resemblance between Trixie and my daughter Morgan, I don't know. But I love seeing the characters pop off the page! This is a wonderful book to add to your own library, and if you have ever lost a "lovey" in your house, you will certainly relate! Oh, and did I mention it's a Caldecott Honor Book? Not too bad for this sweet tale!

Knuffle Bunny :: $15.99


*I received this book as a gift. The opinions expressed are my own.*

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  1. Just ordered it as a gift! Thanks for the idea...


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