Friday, June 17, 2011

:: the magic number!! ::

Right now, the magic number for SIMPLE is 5,000... 5,000 Facebook Fans that is.

We're getting closer and closer to that magic number and on the way there we will be having special Facebook Fan ONLY giveaways. This is our way of saying "Thanks!" to all the wonderful SIMPLE readers who follow us over on Facebook - and to you all too who follow us both here on SIMPLE as well as Facebook.

If you're not already a Facebook Follower of SIMPLE become one now! We have already started one of our giveaways and we wouldn't want you to miss out! Hint, Hint....$50 gift card!

To keep those prizes coming remember to recommend SIMPLE to your Facebook friends who don't love us already. Once they're following us as well they become eligible for the giveaways!

(AND....if you are a company reading this and want to get in on the action, send me an email and we will figure something out!!)

Thanks again & good luck!
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