Thursday, June 23, 2011

scare me not :: knockout ned {giveaway}

I just love the fun colors and funny faces these plush monsters have.  They are cute!  I asked my son which one he wanted hoping I was able to review one for SIMPLE and he wanted Knockout Ned.  Sure enough Scare Me Not was awesome enough to send me one of these for him. He was so excited.

He loves to hang Ned from his bunk bed as you can see.  He says Neds hair is a volcano.  So cute.  And he always asks why he has so many eyes.  I always tell him so Ned can watch out for you, in case you need him.  Super cute.  I love the imagination he can have with Ned...he can hang anywhere.  He also loves to hang him out side his door on the door handle when the door is closed.

I love how they call them good little monsters.  They are specially trained to keep watch for bedtime scaries so your child can get a good nights sleep.  All the ScareMeNots get their training from the ScareMeNot Academy - a special school where they learn to see in the dark and hang from their tails and stay awake all night.  When they graduate -- ScareMeNots are sent to bedrooms everywhere to help kids feel protected at bedtime.  Super cute story to tell your kids when they receive their ScareMeNot.

Knockout Ned :: $24.99

If you purchase a Full Size Valiant Valerie you will get a travel size for FREE!!

One lucky SIMPLE reader will get to chose a ScareMeNot for themselves or child!

jaimesimplesignature copy*I was provided with  a Knockout Ned ScareMeNot to conduct this review. These opinions are my own*


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