Friday, September 21, 2007

A few Questions answered...

A few of you might be wondering why Elizabeth and I joined together to do our reviews...Well there are a few reasons!

The main reason was.... That I LOVE Elizabeth

[. . .]A N D. . .
...having reviews on each of our personal blogs w

another reason....
<~~this crazy haired lil girl shes wearing :-)
thats Terri Jade.

The Lord has blessed me with two beautiful boys...

But there are only so many items you can review that applies to boys...

THERE ARE SO MANY PRODUCTS I love... and would love to showcase... but cant because I dont have a baby girl.

Elizabeth also can give readers another view on products. A very different and straight forward point of view.

BUT Terri Jade was the main reason ;-) Little girls get lots of hits! HA!

Elizabeth also has an older son who is 5... so she will be able to review older boy items that I cant yet.

But really... in all honesty :-)
I wanted to share the publicity. Besides the giveaways I really wanted to bless her with the same blessings I get. Its so nice to be able to review these products... and share them with others.

Elizabeth is a very out going and HONEST person. Her thoughts on products are going to be a fantastic addition to this site.

We plan on having LOTS of reviews in Oct. We're trying to fill out schedule up with at least one giveaway a week.

As well as multiple products to showcase a week.

Once we get things rolling the site will be update much more often. This weeks be filled with organization and such.

So please come back later and check for updates! Tomorrow a winner will be randomly drawn for the Hug a Bug Wrap! So check back all those who signed up.


  1. aww! I LOVE Elizabeth and I think you are lucky to have her for a real life close to you friend:) I am so happy for you both and this site is going to be a lot of fun!!

  2. YOUR USING ME FOR MY DAUGHTER! POO ON ME! I guess I would have got the shaft had Terri had a little winnie! kidding! You are so sweet! I LOVE YOU TOO!

  3. what a cute pic of all of you. :) will be adding your button to my "more linky love" page.


  4. Great idea! You might want to proofread a bit though, there are a lot of mistakes in your post, which take away from a professional sounding review.

  5. I know I spell bed. I mean bad ;-) Im not to worried with it. I give an honest review thats easily read... companies can see that.


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