Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Conservation Baby

I recently got contacted by a woman who started a new business located at Her name is Ellen.

Ellen is SO sweet and so nice to talk to. We've gotten to know each other a bit over the past few weeks. Ellen asked me if I could review some of her products.

Her website makes unique baby gifts that are Eco-friendly. She offers an organic cotton line as well as a conventional cotton line. All her shirts have really cute sayings such as "Stop Global Warming" :-) "Conserve" and so on.

This type of store for me is not the type I'd shop at to buy a wardrobe for my child. But for a specialty gift these prices range the same on most websites.

If you have a friend who is really into "Eco-Friendly" items.. this is a neat site to look at. Her choices are good... and oh so cute! If you live on a budget like me, use this sort of store just for "special friends." :-)

She sent me a Camo Onesie set w/ hat and bib...
Im actually going to give this set to my friend Heather who just had a baby. Taite fits into it now.. but its long sleeve.. so he really wouldnt get much use out of it. Since Heathers baby is a newborn right now it will fit him perfectly come fall :-) [Heather if your reading this you'll be surprised cause I havent even told you your getting it HAHA!] Id love to keep it, but I want to give it to someone who will get more use out of it than Taite would.

Ellen also mailed me two T-Shirts. One in size 2T (which Taite will be sporting in the pic - I always thought Taite as a small baby... but I suppose he isnt that small if he at 5 months old can fit into a size 2T shirt!) and another one 4T which Caleb is wearing. Both say "Stop Global Warming."

Taite is also wearing the Camo hat im giving away.

They looked SO ADORABLE in these!!

*click image for larger view* - Taite in his outfit and Caleb in his

Ellens site is part of an organization called "1% For the Planet Alliance." This organization donates 1% of all gross sales to an enviromental organization pre-approved by 1% FTP. They call it "Environmental Tithing." Ellen was very happy to come across this organization because she believes they are the perfect charity for her to work for...

Ellen is graciously offering all my readers 10% off their first order (entire order)... Just put the coupon code "ANDREA" in and you'll get it. If it doesnt show up just e-mail her and she will fix the order. (She said her system may act up, but most likely not.)

Below is another photo. Don't they look darling! Also I thought it was funny that Caleb was sporting a gun in the photo... HAH!

*click image for larger view* - Both the boys in their outfits

To check her website out go to or you can use the link on my right side bar located under "My Favs."


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