Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Slingcarrier Review

*click image for larger view* - Hip carry w/ sling

As some of you know I own a COW print ring sling from

I have raved on and on about this sling so now its finally time for a real review. The lady who sells these slings is soooo sweet. I have been talking to her through emails for a few weeks now. Shes absolutely adorable and so kind.

She mailed me a new sling to try out in a different fabric than my cow sling.. and w/ a different size ring. Now I loveeee ring slings with larger rings. Just because the larger the rings, the easier it adjust. This is why I fell in love with her cow print sling I bought months ago. The ring was the perfect size... and it adjust easier than any sling I've ever used. I also liked it because the sling was so nicely padded... yet not OVERLY padded like the dreaded "Nojo Slings... (DO NOT BUY THESE!!)" The slings from had the perfect amount on the shoulders and around the edge of the sling.. this made the actual pocket of the ring sling feel more like a "pouch-seat" for your baby. I found that it is much more comfortable for the baby this way... that way the fabric doesnt dig into their lil' chunky legs! :-)

Recently the woman who makes these changed the ring size to some of her slings. She also took out the shoulder padding... She did this because some people had thought that without the shoulder padding the sling may be cooler for the summer... My thoughts...I actually prefer the shoulder padding.. and I think with it this helps to keep the sling more comfortable and evenly spread on your shoulders.

I didnt find the sling uncomfortable WITHOUT the padding.. but personally I liked it with the padding. Also she changed the rings and made them a tad bit smaller. I prefer them larger... just because its easier to adjust.

The rings on the cow sling measures 60mm but the smaller rings on the sling im showing measure 52mm... not a huge different... but smaller. They arent as small as the rings used in Nojo slings

Any how... These are my thoughts
1. If you dont like the size of her rings go to and buy some larger rings.. These rings arent expensive. You can get a medium sized alumnium pair for like 4 dollars (and that includes the shipping!) They have LOTS of color choices. To switch out the rings you'd need a simple sewing machine and barely any sewing skills haha. I made a ring sling w/ my mom.. and sewing the rings in was the easiest part

2. The slings from are by far some of the least expensive Ive seen out there. They arent cheap though. They are made with beautiful breathable fabric... that I really do love. Its not to thick and not to thin.

3. The closed tail is a feature I like. I find it makes it easier to adjust and easier to carry with you. The open tailed slings seem to take more room in a diaper bag.

4. I love love LOVE the padding along the sides of the sling. SO NICE. For the price you cant beat this sling. Even if you end up switching the rings out... you seriously cant get a sling for this price from many places. I love mine.. and I will continue to use it the rest of my babywearing days :-) Also if you get a sling from this site and the ring is the smaller one... use it a few times before giving up. The fabric actually softens some and works much better after a few uses! If you want the larger ring ask her and im sure she can make sure you get one with the big ring. :-)

Other Photos-

~ Front view of me holding Taite w/ the sling on my hip
~ Photo w/ the cow pring sling (you can see the ring size difference if you compare this photo with the photograph above)
~ Kangaroo Carry :-) Taite looks sweepy!!!


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