Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Baby Bella

The wonderful owner Kate of...

Graciously mailed me some BABY LEGS to review!

I have been dying to do a review on these. I was going to try my hand at making my own BabyLegs a while back... but due to seasonal changes I couldnt find "boy-ish" tube socks ANYWHERE! So I just had to try the "real thing."

I must say... even my husband thought they were cute ;-)
He was skeptical at first... He said "Their socks..."
But once he saw them on Taite he admitted to me "Yeah.. they are pretty cute." HAH!
And I agree 100%.

How adorable is this...

*click images for larger view* - Taite sporting the Banana Blue BabyLegs

Kate is running a special right now that if you order two or more baby legs you will get FREE SHIPPING. I love Kates site. She has a really cute variety of baby products.. She even has the Twilight Turtle Night Light Ive been wanting to get! Its by CloudB.

She is sweet as can be... and that to me gives me the desire to shop from her store more than others. Any time you can buy from a person who is friendly and easy to talk with always helps.

To buy your own BABY LEGS CLICK HERE.
She has a great variety of different ones. The reason I picked the Banana Blue ones was because of Taites blue eyes... and because it had a few different shades of blue and kahki color in it. This way it will go with most of his outfits :-)

I think they fit Taite great.. and I can see him using them for a VERY long time. Since I got them he has worn them EVERY single day... I cant help but put them on him :-) their so adorable... and they really do serve a great purpose. They keep your baby warm indoors, yet not hot outdoors... and they make it so much easier for changing times. No more unsnapping little pants or pulling pants off. Just undo the onesie, and your done.

I cant wait until he starts crawling in them :-) Caleb had skidded knees when he began to crawl... he didnt own any baby legs :-(

Below are a few more photos of Taite using the legs-

~ Taite chugging a bottle all curled up
~ Taite laying on his tummy (cant see his face, just the butt HAHA)
~ Close up of Taite drinking (legs kinda faded out in this photo)
~ My favorite of the bunch, really cute shot of the babylegs
~ Legs only


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