Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Moby D

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As many of you know already... I love wraps. One of my first carriers of my own was the Moby Wrap. My husband bought it for me... :-) He was skeptical at first. Figured I wouldnt have the patiences to learn something that looked so complicated.

Wrapping has a bit of a learning curve.
When I first did it I wrapped things correctly... but not nearly tight enough. Taite was sagging down past my belly botton HAHA. He wasn't going anywhere.. it just wasnt comfortable. After two or three times though I quickly got the hang of things... and began to fall in love :-)

The feeling of a wrap is so secure... and so close. Its unlike any other babycarrier I've used. Wrapping I believe is one of the hardest to learn.. but the most comfortable for long wearing... and out of all my carriers Taite falls asleep BEST in the Moby.

The Moby is made out of a stretch cotton jersey material. Its SO SOFT. It does tend to have some sag to it over long wearing. Not so much when the baby is small... but once their over 4 months or so... it will sag after time. If your good at wrapping you can easily tighten it again without taking the baby out. So its not really a problem.

Recently I grew interested in the MobyD. The MobyD is just like the original Moby.... except it has a center panel made out of silk, woven or fleece material. This non-stretch material in the center of the wrap helps stop the issue w/ sagging. I also found that the MobyD w/ the woven center is much cooler. The Moby wrap tends to get warm ... not really in the winter... but now that its 90 plus degrees out... its really hot :-) The MobyD is cooler though and a nice alternative!

Its shorter than the regular Moby. I believe a half a yard. I may be wrong but I think the original Moby is 6 yards and the MobyD is 5.5 Yards

I heard the woven is the best for heavier carrying. Fleece for winter (adds extra warmth plus support), the silk panel ones are beautiful but I heard slippery. ;-) for back carrying. A lot of people who wrap though don't use it for back carrying.. so that wouldnt be an issue.

Hope that helps w/ all the choices :-) I did my own research to find out the differences before getting my own.


The above banners are websites that you can buy both the Moby D or regular Moby wrap. I love both of mine. I was thinking about selling my 1st Moby... but I couldnt part with it :-) I will most likely use the MobyD more since Taites heavier... but I plan on having more children.. so the original Moby will get its turn again! :-) Plus this allows me to loan it out to friends, hehe.

The Moby is one of the least expensive wraps you can get. Woven german wraps like the Didymos will cost over 100 dollars! The Moby and Moby D will cost you under $55.00. The regular Moby is just over $29.00.

To those curious how big of a baby can fit into the Moby wraps... heres a demonstration...

*click images for larger views* - Caleb 2 1\2 in the Mei Tai - 35lbs and Mason age 4 in the Mei Tai.. his weight.. not sure.. but its around the same as Calebs weight

Do I wear Caleb in the Moby often? NO! hahahaha. Hes to heavy for me. But it will hold him ;-) as you can see.

If I have to wear Caleb I prefer something more structured like an Ergo or Mei Tai. Im going to be doing a review for a Mei Tai later this week hopefully... and the Ergo very soon. The Mei Tai im reviewing this week is very affordable! Ive used one before (scroll down a few post and you'll see a photo of one). I cant wait to show off the one Im getting. Its very southern ;-) So you can check back for that. Below are links to a few more photos...

~ Me blogging w/ Taite wrapped
~ Back of the wrap showing how nice it spreads out (see my bathing suit, ow la la!)
~ Back carrying w/ the Moby (I went on a walk around the neighborhood with Taite on my back like this. He loves it)
~ The regular Moby wrap

Below is a video I made for my friend Heather. She was having wrapping issues ;-) so I made another demonstration for her. Hopefully it helped!


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