Wednesday, September 12, 2007

WallaBaby Solarveil

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I was so excited when my Solarveil ring sling came from! I've been wanting one of these ever since it got HOT. Wearing your baby is wonderful... but during those hot 90 degree days it can get a little warm... :-) So I kept my eye out for a good deal on a Solarveil ring sling!

Jodi from sent me this beautiful yellow Solarveil ring sling to review. It not only looks great... but it feels wonderful. It is the lightest sling I've ever used. Unlike cotton slings this not only protects your shild from the suns rays (google Solarveil Fabric) to learn more... but it is a mesh like material... so air goes straight through it!

Also it makes for a wonderful water sling... I cant wait for our 1st trip to a large pool or the beach.

This sling adjust great. Very easy. She offers a variety in colors... and also different color rings. Her prices are great! Very affordable. Ive seen Solarveil slings close to $100.00 before...

Hers will cost you $30.00!
Shes graciously given all my blog readers $5.00 off any order. So her Solarveil slings (already low in price!) normally cost $35.00 ... will only cost you $30.00 with the coupon.

She also makes really cute childrens slings ;-) just to give those a quick plug, heehee. The one cool feature I love about her slings is that their two sided. So if you get one of her fabric slings you can have who different color options with one sling. (Solarveil slings are just one color though, so this doesnt apply to them)

Heres a few more photos.. and the coupon code is below as well...

~ Back view of the sling (spreads nice and wide across the back.. this is my friend Elizabeth modeling it for me)
~ Close of Taite in the sling (you can really see the rings in this photo)
~ Caleb using my sling
~ Shows how see through it is..
~ Tummy 2 Tummy
~ Kisses
~ Back carry w/ Taite
~ Back carry w/ Caleb!

Another nice thing about this sling is it packs up so small! It fits into a very small diaper bag of mine. Its the same size as 1 of my cloth diapers (if that says anything) :-) when folded.

The coupon code is: andrea5
Buy your own Solarveil sling at


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