Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Very Affordable Mei Tai

I promised this review today.. so here it is! :-) Im sorry its late... If you didnt read my 4th of July post.. I encourage you to ... and watch the video if your able. - Also Calebs and Taites blogs have been updated w/ 4th of July photos.

Enjoy the review...

About 2 weeks ago I came across a website called "No Mother left Behind." Its a site that helps low-income families get baby carriers. On this site there was a button that took me to an ebay store... On this ebay store were the cutest Mei Tais... I instantly emailed Elizabeth and told her "you need to bid on this!" it was only like $18.00 to bid on. So she did ;-) and won!! Total cost was ilke $22.00 for her to get this beautiful Mei Tai.

I met Elizabeth in town to get her hair cut.. she let me try her new Mei Tai.. and I was amazed at how SOFT and how cute it was! Not to mention it was comfortable... and so light weight. I own a BBO Mei Tai that cost me $70.00 and I have enjoyed using THIS $22.00 Mei Tai more than that one... Funny huh?

That night I got on ebay and contacted the lady who makes these, Amy. I asked her if I could do a review! I payed for shipping and ebay fee's... and within 2 days had my beautiful SO SO SO southern Mei Tai!

Love it! Love it! Love it!

Not to mention this is seriously the most affordable Mei Tai Ive ever come across. It does not have all the bells and wistles. It doesnt have a sleepy hood.. or the curved body shape. Its a basic MEI TAI. Which is really all you need for every day use.

Amy is a work at home mom. She has one daughter who is around Calebs age... and is now 36 weeks pregnant! (give or take a day). Shes due on Aug. 1st ;-) I hope she holds out and has it on the 6th (my birthday, hehe).

These Mei Tais fold up super small. *that photo is the bag next to my very petite cat* They fit into a small bag (that comes w/ the Mei Tai).. this allows you to travel with it easily. It fits into the smallest diaper bag I have.. and seriously could fit it into a pocket on my hooded sweatshirt. Its VERY small once you fold it all up.

*click image for larger view* - Caleb in the Mei Tai waving around a box of Mac & Cheese!

Dont let its size fool you though! I put my 35 lb Caleb into this Mei Tai and it worked just fine.

The shoulders are lightly padded. The body of mine is a cotton material... but Elizabeths was a flannel material (very soft! and not to hot.)

Her Mei Tais vary in price. Sometimes you can bid on one and get it for under $20.00 or you can just "buy now" and get it for $22.00 or so. Just depends on what print you want. She charges more for various prints. But all of them are still very well priced.

She also has an Esty store located HERE

The ones on ebay are a tad bit cheaper... but they all run around the same price.

Here Ebay store is located HERE

If no items show up email her and you can ask her when her next bunch will be up for sale. Like I stated above "shes fixing to give birth..." so she might be a tad bit tired! :-)

Few more Photos Below -
~ Front carry
~ Back carry again
~ Me using Elizabeths Mei Tai
~ Works with men 2

Let me know if you get one!!! because I want to see photos. I love hers so much I want one in another print for dressier occasions :-D


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