Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Blessed Baby

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I know.. I know.. your overwelmed by Taites cuteness :-) Admit it!
The onesies featured in both these photos come from a wonderful company called "Blessed Baby!" I was so thrilled to get the chance to review these.

This is a Christian company... and I found these onesies very sweet and special. I saw a onesie the other day that said "Future Pimp." and thought "what are we trying to teach our children?" I dont mind some funny onesies ... like the one I got recently that says "Active Doodie" on the back of the onesie... I think thats funny :-) but some of the onesies these days are just distasteful.

Being a Pastors wife I cannot wait to show my lil' Burgers off at Church wearing his new onesies that say "Blessed Baby" and "Faith Baby." I think their darling. They are one of the more affordable "speciality" onesies I've seen lately. I think for a special baby shower gift these would be perfect for any mom.

They recently released a new color (might not be on the website yet, but I got one!). Its Chocolate brown w/ blue writing (or pink if you have a girl). Their super yummy!

Blessed Baby was happy to sponsor a giveaway for all you moms out there.

Heres how to apply..

Fill out the widget below. If you dont have a blog you can still enter! Just put your name down and keep checking back for the winner to be annouced.

If you have a blog Blessed Baby would love it if you'd mention their site on your blog, and link back to THIS contest so others can enter.

The winner will get to pick from ANY of the onesies off their website.... If you dont have a baby yet know someone whos pregnant and would like to give it to them as a gift (if you win)... Blessed Baby would be more than happy to ship that item to your friend as a gift.

The contest will last a week. I will annouce the winner when I get back from Ohio Tuesday the 17th. So you got pleanty of time to enter!

~ Close up of the Faith Onesie
~ Close up 2 of the Faith Onesie


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