Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Rockstar Baby

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A few of you may of seen the onesie I got from MamaSpeaks a while back that says "Active Doodie." Its been one of my favorite onesies for Taite. Its an adorable Cammo pattern w/ a tank on the front and Active Doodie on the bottom. Nice BOLD orange letters really make it pop ;-)

I recently got two more onesies from My Rockstar Baby to review. One of them is black w/ a gator outline on the front... and on the back it says "Smell ya later Gator." The wording is in this fun lime green color. Its very eye catching ;-) and im loving it just as much as the active doodie one.

I also got the one that says "Seats Taken" on the bottom and has a little car on the front of the shirt. Its a simple gray pattern w/ blue writing. It looks adorable with my blue striped babylegs.

Their shirts are a fun alternative for your everyday walmart onesie ;-) I love unique baby items.. and this ones one of them!

Emmy and Mookie (the orginal rockstars!) are a joy to work with. Not to mention really creative ;-)

They want to spread the love by giving away one of the two packages below....

The package of your choice comes with one of the onesies featured... either the black "smell ya later gator" onesie w/ the green polka dotted babylegs... or the pink "potty like a rockstar" onesie w/ the pink striped babylegs. Its up to you which one you'd like.

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Heres what you need to do to enter...

Write a blog post about this giveaway (if your a regular reader you know the rules haha)... also link to My Rockstar Baby and....
If you could think up a cute saying you wouldnt mind one of their shirts saying! Emma and Mookie are looking for new ideas for shirts and your idea might be featured on one of their onesies one day ;-) They plan to make toddler T's soon as well... so if you cant think of a cute baby saying... think up one that would relate to your toddler.

Heres the saying I came up with ....

"Dats a Mine!" - True words from my 2 year old... ::sigh::

Just fill out the widget below w/ a direct link to your post, please! And your name or blog name... if you'd like to share your saying ideas as a comment you can do that as well.

This contest will run until we get the internet back :-) So thats sort of an "unknown" right now haha. We will be moving next week and because of this I wont have a computer until we unpack and get our service back up. So pleanty of time for you to write a post :-)

Thanks everyone.. and I'll blog as soon as I can! Thank you Emmy and Mookie for such a wonderful give-away!

Don't forget its not to late to sign up for the SkidPants giveaway, it ends Friday afternoon!!!

And Rosie Toesies - 3 free shoes left! So check her site out.. order anything over $16.99 and you get a free set of Squeakers, FREE!


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