Wednesday, September 12, 2007

FourPeas Giveaway

A while back I did a review for FourPeas toddler backpacks. Caleb loves his "bap-pap!" and so do I. Its a great alternative for carrying his "things." With Taite using cloth diapers, being on formula, eating babyfood, and so on... my diaper bag is packed! So this backpack gives us a place to store Calebs needs.

And yes he actually wears it! :-) fits great.

You can read my full review on their toddler backpacks HERE.

This post though is about a give-away.
Four Peas asked me if Id like to giveaway one of their adorable Toddler Backpacks.. and of course I said "yes!" I knew all of you would love a chance to win one of these. They are great for babies, toddlers and children.

One of their particular backpacks the "Funky Monkey!" print will be featured in the September issue of, Everyday with Rachael Ray!
Its one of my favorite prints.

Heres how to sign up!

1. If you have a blog, please write a short blog post about this give-away... and link to not only the give-away but to fourpeas. Maybe list your favorite item off their site. After writing the post fill out the widget below and link to that direct post, that be great!

2. Fourpeas would love it if you could sign up for their newsletter. They dont email daily... Im on their newsletter and maybe get an email a month.. or every couple months. It wont junk up your mailboxes, I promise.

3. If you dont have a blog, you dont have to write an entry to qualify... just put your name in the widget below without a blog address.

Sounds easy enough :-)
These back packs range in cost from $24.00-$34.00 each.
FourPeas will giveaway 1 of "any" print/solid color toddler back pack to the winner of the giveaway.

*Also on a side note - right now FourPeas is... hosting their own contest. Here are their rules: This contest does not affect the give-away for a free bag on my blog... but its something to consider! you could win two free bags ;-) these make great gifts!

FourPeas contest going on right now through Aug 1-Aug 2nd... just in time for back to school! Purchase a toddler backpack and you are eligible to win a toddler backpack. Purchase a school book backpack and you are eligible to win a school book backpack. We will announce the winner via email after September 1st. (this is the perfect way to get a holiday gift or birthday!)

The winner will be chosen on August 11th. Thats Friday. So hurry and sign up! :-)
*if the widget doesnt work, just leave a comment saying enter me!*

*CONGRATS TO NUM. 33!! KRYSTAL MCMASTER YOU WON! E-mail me at Dreawd [at] gmail [dot] com your mailing address and it will be on its way. Thank you everyone for joining in. Check back in a week or so for a HUGE contest with lots of goodies ;-)


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