Wednesday, September 12, 2007

See Kai Run

I love shoes... but not so my for myself :-)
Ive always been a flip-flop kinda girl. Never really put much effort into my own shoes. Childrens shoes though... thats a different story :-)
I LOVE children shoes...

I recently got some See Kai Run shoes to review. I've owned a pair of See Kai run Sandals before. My friend Lis gave some to Caleb last summer as a gift. We LOVED them! They were the best sandals ever. So soft... and never binding on Calebs chubby little bubble feet. Most shoes and sandals Ive seen are kind of hard.. and constricting on childrens feet. Caleb has double wide feet... so when I discovered how soft these were I fell in love.

Heres a few
Close ups of the shoes -

~ Red Shoes
~ Tan Shoes

Caleb loves wearing these shoes.
He calls them his...

"Big Man Shoes"

He will even specify to me "Mama.. I want to weaw my white big man shoes!" (he says weaw for wear).

I love the idea of unique baby items.
These are on the top of my list.. They are well made... and you better believe we will be purchasing a pair for Taite once hes older. ;-) for now he just live in socks!

These shoes run from size 3-9. Calebs a size 9... so im sad to think after this year and maybe 1st part of next year ... he will be to grown up for See Kai Runs :-( Atleast I can use them with Taite then.

Purchase your own from the Baby Boat.

Use the coupon code "toes" and recieve a 10% discount off any of their new fall See Kai Run shoes!


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