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*The PLAYSKOOL winner has been drawn! Congrats to Alisa Fulton #15*

*this is a long one! Dont get to overwelmed. Lots of great info below*

is a very popular name when it comes to Baby Care. I know Ive seen it many places. One particular place that specializes in selling PLAYSKOOL products are the CVS stores. When living in Ohio one of the only places near my house to buy products for babies besides a grocery store was CVS. Most items I needed couldnt even be found in a grocery store. If they were they were over priced.

CVS has almost anything you'd need for a baby.
PLAYSKOOL has provided them with an adorable, effective and very wonderful line of baby care products.

I was given the chance to try some of their wonderful products and cannot wait to share them with you all!

The first item Id like to talk about is their line of "Teethers." With a 8 month old baby I am always on the look for great teething products. Taite hasnt broken through yet with any toofers... but it wont be long. He chews on his hands so much if I dont keep them cleaned or moisturized he breaks out in a rash, due to all the chewing!

The PLAYSKOOL Teething Keys are so nice! (Onsale right now for $3.19)

I have a few liquid filled teethers that I used with Caleb... but none of them are as nice as these. These keys provide a great natural way to help with the teething process. It also helps to exersize your little ones hands, give them visual stimulation and most importantly soothe those gums and teeth. The inside of these keys are filled with a unique gel-filled bottom. The keys can be frozen yet the gel-filled part remains soft! It gives them that cool relief without giving them a hard block of ice to chew on. Its wonderful! Taite loves them! They aren't expensive either.

Next up are the wonderful bottles/sippy items PLAYSKOOL has to offer.
They have a TON to choose from. I dont want to overwelm you by listing them all so ill just highlight three. And post a few photos to others below.

The first one is called the Insulated Flip-Top. Caleb LOVES this cup. The flip top is perfect at keeping spills away... but its not so stiff that his little 3 year old fingers cant slip it open when needed. He enjoys closing it after each sip ;-) he thinks thats "grown-up."
It also has a soft straw instead of a stiff one. This makes it easier for smaller babies to drink from... as well as keeping a child from poking themselves with a stiff straw. Thats happen in our family before... and is never pleasant!

The 2nd cups featured are the "Take or Toss" Cups. While at home we mostly use Take or Toss cups. Their the easiest to use because you don't have stoppers involved... yet their pretty affective with very few leaks. After they begin to leak we simply "Toss" them. Travis and I both use the bottoms of the cups for ourselves throughout the day :-). So it works well for a sippy as well as a "big boy/girl" cup.

The 3rd item is a "Nurser 3 stage nipple flow" bottle. This is a really neat one! It can be a regular bottle for your baby... but has these handles that your baby can use to help hold it up. Taite wont hold his bottle yet on his own... but I notice when he uses this particular one he grabs hold of them. So I can see how it would encourage holding. It also comes with a seperate "sippy" insert that you can put on instead of the nipple. That way once your child is pass the bottle stage they can still use this as a sippy cup. Might help with transitioning your child off the bottle and onto a sippy ;-) if their attached to that particular one.

PLAYSKOOL also has a nice line of Diapers as well as Baby Wipes.
You all know I dont use disposable diapers... I use all cloth. But! I have used these disposables before and they work great! Their line is very reasonable as well.

Occasionally I will use disposables on trips... and if Taite aquires a rash I use one at night to help keep him dry through the night. This would be one of my choices when those times came.

Their Diapers are designed to offer a superior stretch-ability and LOTS of absorption. They also have Aloe and Vitamin E to be gentle for your babies skin.

One of their features that I found fun was that their PLAYSKOOL Plushie diapers feature a GLOW IN THE DARK GLOWORM design! How fun. I use to have a light up GLOWORM as a child... so this is a loved design of mine. :-) My mom might still have that doll some place. ;-)

They also have the PLAYSKOOL Rompers line. This would be what you'd use for your larger babies or toddlers. They feature the adorable WEEBLE characters.

Their Baby Wipes are wonderful.
I do use Baby Wipes. I try using cloth some days... but its just to much for this hippie mom ;-) so I do buy regular wipes.
Their wipes are called PLAYSKOOL's Cottony Cloths.
I can see why they put the word "Cotton" in the name... they are SO SOFT!
I cant stand buying off brand wipes and they feel like tissue paper... and rip before I can even wipes my childs bottom.
These wipes are very thick! (no doubling needed!)
As well as strong. So no more of that tearing or finger poke-through mess.
This means less wipes needed for each changing... which in the end results in less trash.
They also come in wonderful transport-friendly packages.

Next up... FEEDING! :-)
Along with all their wonderful bottles/sippy cups. They also have lots of fun feeding items.
Such as....

The spoons above are called the "Heat Sensitive Spoons." These are really nice because they help relieve some of the stress in a mothers mind of "burning." your childs mouth. Ive done it... I admit it. Your in a hurry and you forget to test it... and then its to late. With these spoons you are able to tell if the foods to hot by the color changing without even touching the food yourself.

Nex up the "Easy Grip Bowl" This ones really neat! Their fun bright colors but beyond looks it really has a great soft ergonomic designed that is made to fit either a right or left handed person. The section of the bowl that you'd heat food up in has a steam vent, allowing the sealed bowl to be microwaved safely, without mess! Also you dont have to worry with the bowl getting to hot because you can hold it with the side of the bowl... and the bowl also come with a heat sensitive spoon. The tip of the spoon changes color when babies food is too hot, while the soft edge of the spoon protects the babies gums and new toofers. :-) This bowl has two sections as well. Which is nice if your feeding baby both cereal and veggies at once. I make my own baby food and this is perfect for thawing two kinds into each side. Love it! Did I mention the part that you use to hold can also be used to hold a messy spoon? :-) I dont even think they planned that to work like that... but it does!

And last but certainly not least...

The adorable portable "Toddler/Infant Grooming Set"
With all you could ever need except for your shampoo and body wash :-) to groom your babes with. This grooming kit comes with it all. Easy nail clipper with a curved cutting edge specially designed for infants; Nail sissors with a rounded tip w/ easy to hold handles for control and safety; as well as fine grained emery boards perfect for shaping those delicate nails. Once your done w/ the nails ;-) you can comb your baby with the comb included. Comes with a nice case so you can easily put it in your diaper bag and be on your way.

PLAYSKOOL like I said above has a wonderful line of products.
Numerous ones :-)
Below are a few images to other products they have (click them to read more about them). If you'd like to view their complete line offered at CVS CLICK HERE. You can find any of these at your very own local CVS. If you dont have a CVS nearby you can even shop online ;-) which is sometimes better any way!


If it wasn't enough ;-)
PLAYSKOOL is offering a wonderful give-away to one of my readers.
Heres what you could win...

MULTIPLES of the items I mentioned above.
As well as one of their wideneck bottles (adorable!)
A 60-pk of diapers (If you need a specific size just let me know when you win)
SEVERAL 80-ct packages of Baby Wipes!
Valued around $75.00 total.

Heres what you need to do to quality...

1. If you have a blog you MUST write a blog post about this give-away. As well as mention one of the items you found adorable off the CVS website by PLAYSKOOL.

2. Link back to my blog give-away HERE...

3. Sign mr. linky below ;-) and you're in!

Now if you dont have a blog dont fret. You can apply as well. Just use your email addy instead of a blog address.

Only thing is ..
To all those who live in CANADA...
Im sorry.... but....
They cant ship to CA residents... so this give-away is only available to those in the US. Now if you have family in the US and might see them in a month or two. Go ahead and sign up. You'll just have to have the items shipped to them.

Thanks everyone! And a HUGE THANK YOU to PLAYSKOOL for this wonderful giveaway.
These items would make any mom happy. Even if I wasnt a mom Id sign up and hope to win a wonderful gift basket to give to a friend or relative having a baby. How awesome a gift would that be to give away! :-)

- This giveaway ends Friday evening this week!


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