Sunday, October 7, 2007

Robyn's Nest Scrabble Earrings

This is such a fun review for me. I met Robyn online a good while ago. Her lil boy Sean is a little bit younger than my Burgers. Although looking at Sean he looks much older to me :-) hes a chunky lil man and moving along SO fast.

Robyn is a big time knitting mama. She loves it so much she opened her own knitting store called "Robyn's Nest."

I dont knit... I can to a degree thanks to my mom... but I just dont do it. I have enough keeping me busy I just dont seem to have time for it. I do love knitted items though and enjoy watching others do it. One day I hope to slow down and start up again. If so I got a great coach to go to, my mom :-)

Because I cant rave about all her great knitting products ;-) since I cant use them... I have the chance to brag about Robyns earrings!

Robyn mailed me my Scrabble Earrings months ago as a thankyou gift for shipping her something for Sean.

Since then they have been one of my FAVORITE earrings. They always get attention and they just look really creative and fun.

You can customize these earrings with any scrabble letter.

These earrings are well built and only cost you $5.00!

I bought my friend Lis and Providence a set each. Providence turned 3 this past Sept... and I knew she'd love these earrings. She may only be 3... but man does she love big earrings :-)

It just so happen to work out that the letter "P" was the number "3" in scrabble. Perfect gift for her 3rd birthday! Doesn't she look ADORABLE in them.

Robyn wants to give a pair to one of you...

So if you'd like a chance to win a set of your own please comment below and write a short blog post linking to this giveaway as well as Robyns shop.

Thank you Robyn for this fun and unique gift!

She has many other great Items... check her out at....

Giveaway will end on Thursday so hurry and sign up :-)

- Posted by Drea


  1. Too cute! Count me in!

    I blogged the giveaway too in my Monday Edition of Contests Galore

  2. My daughter thinks these are so cool! I'm in!

  3. Cute earrings!! Enter me Please!!

    I have blogged about your giveaway at:

  4. How fun! I'll link up first thing in the morning!


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