Monday, November 5, 2007

Sewing Mom Just Accesories Etc.

So as most of you know Drea and myself are cloth diapering our babies. This does require a little more work but they are healthier, less expensive and they are recyclable.

I thought for the longest time about how much of a pain it is to be somewhere and change a diaper and have to go find a trashcan for this tiny wipe.

I started looking into cloth wipes.

I found SMJAE on the diaperpin(with great reviews).Since receiving my cloth wipes I have actually split them up. I keep some in the kitchen for wiping little mouths at mealtime, 1/2 are in the bathroom for wiping little bottoms and the other half are in the babies room.

I use a solution of distilled water, a spa oil with tea tree oil and a dab of tea tree soap. I keep them separated by prints and also I know that the poopey ones go in the pail and the mouth ones go in the laundry basket. It is quite convenient!

Mason a.k.a. my little helper LOVES to fold them!

I got one bundle of 24 100% cotton flannel girly prints. The wipes are approx. 8.75 x 8 and have a rolled hem all the way around with gently rounded corners. They sell for $14.99 and you can buy one dozen for $5.00, or her 3-Pack Bamboo Velour and Flannel Wipes for only $3.75!

Whatever your needs boy or girl I suggest you order these cute wipes and get the little bundle of convenience that I got.

I also got a chance to try out her WetBags and I love the look of the Very Retro Wetbag ($14.99) it easily holds 5 or 6 Bumgenius.

I accidentally put it to the ultimate wet bag test last week at church. Keziah left my diaper bag at church last week. I just got it yesterday, looked inside to find a dirty diaper in the wetbag and NO SMELL! YAY for no smelly diaper bag! I guess the 2mil PUL made a big difference! Oh and an added feature that other wet bags don't offer is the attached handle. Making it easier to carry your wipes and diaper and leave the bulky diaper bag in the car!

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