Friday, November 30, 2007


I recently helped the owner of Skimbaco, Katja (love her name!) with her Blogger Template. We worked together on it and because of that got to chatting a bit. :-)

Katja is such a sweet lady... and I really enjoyed our time emailing back and forth.
As a thank you for helping Katja with her template she mailed me some new shoes for Caleb as well as a cute clutch for me!

I was so tickled by this.

Caleb just now started to wear the shoes she sent... they're called
Viva-Futbol shoes by Livie & Luca.
I love these shoes. Their not only adorable but their soft and flexible as well.

The stiff shoes you find in most stores just seem so heavy and hard to me.
I love putting shoes on my children that allow them some flexibility in their ankles... as well as a light shoe to help keep them comfortable.

Livie & Luca have an stylish line for both boys and girls.
I got comments on Calebs shoes the other day at Piggly Wiggly HAHA actually. A lady spotted his shoes and came up to me asking where to find them. She told me "Ive never seen shoes like that in stores around here." :-) I was proud to tell her "I got them from"

I hope to snap a photo soon of Caleb wearing his. When I do ill update this post.

I really like her new Elephant shoes.
Check out the entire line here.

Altogether if you are looking for a store with trendy items to add a spice to your home or childs wordrobe.. check out


Use the coupon code: SUNSHINE to get 15% off your order. Shipping is free with orders over $150.

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