Sunday, December 2, 2007 Review/Giveaway - Christmas Ideas 1

If any of you are Target shoppers like myself you may have noticed a line called Parents.
I've never really heard of this line prior to seeing them at Target and hearing about them online.

Parents may ring a bell to some though in the magazine dept. Parents is a national premier parenting publication and recently started expanding into a new innovative toy line.

They have been told to have the slogan...

"When a toy does less, the child does more."

But this is actually their entire philosophy for this new toy line.

Before seeing the Parents line I was a huge fan of the wooden puzzles. I also love the little wooden cars... and stacking blocks. I just think those simple toys are some of the most fun to play with.

Caleb recently recieved the new Fruits & Vegetables A-Z Wooden Puzzle (3+ years) by Parents.
WE LOVE THIS PUZZLE. Not only does it look fun and exciting... its a really neat way to teach your child different fruits as well as letters.

The puzzle has the one feature I look for in puzzles... it has the same image that is on the puzzle peace under it. To me for Calebs age this is great because he has trouble matching shapes without it.

I even learned a few new fruits by using this puzzle :-) Who knew there was a fruit called a Durian! :-) I didnt.

Another product we got the chance to use was the Under Lock & Key Garage (18+ Months). It gives your child 3 adorable simple cars to play with... and at the same time helps them develop their motor skills by using keys (which are shaped differently) to unlock the garage. It also helps teach colors since the cars, keys and garage doors are color coordinated. Taite enjoyed the cars for the most part :-) hes still a bit young to use keys... but Caleb LOVED unlocking the doors. Even though it says for an 18 month old... I really think a kid much older could enjoy this toy.

Other products Parents released are the Kitty Keyboard, Letter Tile Puzzles (on my list!), Pop Beads, Mom & baby Fitness DVD (great for new mamas!), and much more.

So next time you are out and about check out the new PARENTS line. You'll love the entire line.. its all so cute, fun and simple.

Now for the really fun part of this review :-)
We get to giveaway some of these awesome products!

To one of you lucky readers we'll be given
1. Fruit & Veg. Puzzle
1. Under Lock & Key Garage

This is valued at $35.00

To qualify for the giveaway just comment and if you blog, write a paragraph about our giveaway as well as link to the PARENTS website.

This giveaway ends Friday.

Come back tomorrow for more fun Christmas Ideas!


  1. Thanks for the great giveaway! My son has a Parents drum set and LOVES it! Count me in!


  2. Count me in please!

    blogged ya:

  3. What a great giveaway. I always love the Parents products . . . very cute.


  4. What a great giveaway. I love these. :)

  5. We love Parent's toys! Just bought some for the angel tree even.

  6. WOW - what a great giveaway! Thanks!

    We have a couple different PARENTS brand toys, and my son LOVES them.


    Love reading your blog - it's the first time I've commented! :)

  7. WE've seen these toys at Target and my son loves his key set with buttons that sound like mom and dads. Count us in!

  8. Hi, Please add me to your wonderful drawing. The prizes are such fun! I hope I win these for Christmas gifts.

  9. I would love to win these for my two litte ones! I blogged your contest on my post:

    Keeping my fingers crossed...I love those items~ :)

  10. I'd LOVE to win these! i blogged about it here:

  11. I have noticed these toys at Target...I have been wanted to get some for Ethan....I'd love to win one!!! I blogged ya!

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  13. my post is up

  14. I have bought their stuff before as gifts

  15. I love PARENTS products...count me in!!! Great giveaway....especially before Christmas :)

  16. okay, sign me up for this one!
    By the way... Durian fruits smell AWFUL!!!
    I'm updating my recent contest post to include this.

  17. You can enter me. But I have heard nothing about the pacifier that I won. Did you get any of my emails?

  18. Please enter me in the giveaway! These would be great Christmas presents!

  19. Hey ex-blogger here. I couldn't keep up with you pro's! If I win the cars, do I HAVE to let the kids play with them or can I keep them to myself?:) Hope you guys are doing well! Merry Christmas!

  20. Love the garage! My son would love it!

  21. Wow, I'm not even sure if I made it or not - I just saw this giveaway on someone else's site, but here's my post!

  22. Going right now to add this to my blog! Please count me in!


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