Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The DynaFly by SEE Toys

It seems to me one of the biggest fads right now (hopefully 2 stay) is the "going green" lifestyle.
Being a mini hippy HAHA myself I love the idea of conserving energy... reducing trash, pollution, etc...

Here are a few facts I found interesting regarding TOYS.


- Many industries and organizations are supporting this green initiative and developing more earth friendly products, others are falling hehind - the toy industry.

- The toy industry recently topped over $85 BILLION dollars in sales

- The majority of the market belongs to Video Games and battery operated toys.

- 70% of the toys on TOY wishes Hottest Holiday Toy List 2006 requires batteries

- 475 million batteries are sold in the US annually. The majority of which are disposed of after 1 use.

- Disposable alkaline batteries create 72,000 tons of landfill waste EACH year in the US.

Pretty crazy huh?...

But check this out...

THE Green :-)

- Zen Design Group, SEE Toys are environmentally friendly electronic toys that run on .... KID POWER - No disposable batteries!

- SEE Toys have a unique dynamo - a power-generating motor - that uses our own kids energy and converts it into electricity.

Being a mom I know our kids have lots of that energy to spare :-)

The children simply crank the handle on the toy which then creates electricity that powers the lights and sounds of the toy.

- SEE Toys allow your children to play with them where and when they want... because unlike solar powered or rechargeable battery toys, there is never any downtime.

We got the chance to try out the DYNAFLY.
He calls it his "Big Bug Light."

At 1st I didnt think Caleb had the motorskills yet to crank the handle... but he does great at it!

The Dyna fly has 4 pose-able arms, flexible antennae and a movable head.
When you crank up the Dynafly it giggles and laughs so you know when its charging. When its ready to go the Dyna buzzes like a bee and its eyes, wings and tail light up. Its such a cool toy!

If you dont like the look of the Dynafly they also have the Dynashark, DynaDolphin, Dynatiger and for the more traditional kiddos the Dynacar :-) .

SEE Toys are available for purchase at http://www.seetoys.com/

Makes a great gift for any child.


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