Saturday, December 8, 2007

Parents Toy Winner

Congrats to Andrea from The Laugh goes on! You won the two fun Parents Toys!
I know these will make the perfect gift for your little boy.

Just incase some of you may wonder how I draw winners.
What we do is we count the entries (making sure no one entered twice).. if someone leaves 2 comments under the same name we simply delete 1 before counting up the total number of entries... we then put the number into THIS SITE.. and it randomly selects 1 number...

Then we count down to that number and thats the winner.

Heres a screen shot to give you the idea -
(I circled w/ windows paint the winning number this time)

*click image to make larger - since its hard to see*

Come back Monday for a fun giveaway from OLIVE KIDS!

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