Sunday, December 9, 2007

Olive Kids Bedding and more

If you are looking for a fun way to decorate your childs room you have got to check out Olive Kids.

Olive Kids have a good variety of fun area rugs, throws, bedding, and more for your childs room. Its all very fun and colorful.

We recieved their Out of this World throw and area rug.

Let me tell you...

This has been the perfect addition to Calebs new room. It looks FANTASTIC!!!

We love them and I really want to incorperate the out of this world theme into Calebs wall murals now.

The colors are bright and crisp... while the throw is just as soft and cuddly as can be.

We have all hardwood floor so having a good size area rug now has been really nice for our youngest (Taite). It gives him space to sit on and play... where as before he use to have to sit on the cold hard floor.

Olive Kids would like to offer one of our readers the chance to win a 5 pack of wonderful customized Placemats (a $45.00 value!). Some may say "I dont need 5.. I only have 1 kid" but think about friends you have... if you only have one child you could always get the other 4 for friends of yours and give them away as Christmas gifts! :-D

To qualify for this giveaway please comment...
If you have a blog PLEASE put the Olive Kid Button on your side bar or into a post and write about this giveaway.

Thanks and enjoy the Olive Kids line.. its so cute!

Giveaway ends Saturday.


  1. We need some placemats! Thanks for the giveaway. Olive Kids products are so cool!


  2. These are so cute:) I added to button to my side bar!

  3. I love Olive Kids line of stuff, I have my eye on the construction bedding. E would LOVE it.

    I added the button.


  4. We really need placemats for the little man! Pick us!

  5. We have added the button. Would love these for myu kids!

  6. These are great placemats. I have some from Crocodile Creek and forget to use them.

    I think my nieces would love to have ones with their names on it.

  7. These are really neat! Gonna add the button right now! :o)

  8. LoL! I put a post up yesterday and completely forgot to comment.. Haha! It's up. Thanks for the giveaway.

  9. I use placemats all the time over here, I think my boys would love to have personalized ones!

  10. would love to win. extras as a gift-what a great idea!

  11. I would love to win Olive Kid's products! I have the button up~

  12. please enter me. I am adding the button

  13. Adorable!!! I blogged here:

  14. I love Olive Kids stuff!

    blogged ya:

  15. Olive Kids is awesome!!
    I posted it on my site:

  16. placemats are so nice. enter me plese. cookiecutter72athotmaildotcom

  17. I love Olive Kids, I'm in! Posted today in my blog...I love the pirates myself!

  18. I love the wild animals! Count me in! I'll grab a button when my site goes back up, my server's down...ick!

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