Sunday, February 24, 2008

LTDChix new Styles!

We LOVE the LTDChix shirts. They apply to ALL of us. By us I mean moms ;-)

LTD recently came out with some new designs. They asked me if I could let our readers know what they were ;-)

Their new designers apply to me!!

Even though I dont leave the house I sometimes feel like Im working a part time job in the home with all the graphics/templates, photography and review work I do.
Not to mention blogs!

And the other design relates to all those SICK and under the weather moms.. which oddly enough applies to our other review mama Elizabeth! Shes been suffering through a nasty flu bug the past few weeks... all the while taking care of her 2 kids (5 and 1) as well as baby sitting another 1 year old (7am-6pm) and taking care of a teenager girl on a full time basis.

LTD Chix helps us to see the humor in it all :-)

Check out their other fun shirts.


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  2. Cute shirts- and there is a store in my town that sells them. I'm going to check it out! ;)


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