Monday, February 18, 2008

Ocean Plate Must!

As a child I had a plate that had sections for each part of my meal. I remember LOVING this plate as a child. I was one of those kids that if one food touched the other it was no good :-)

To this day my mom has that plate.. and when we come visit, Caleb gets to use it.

When I saw the Ocean 4 Peace Dinner set from SUPERMOMZ I knew I wanted a pair. It was one of those items that would last throughout my kid kids childhood. I got two.. one for Taite and one for Caleb. If we do infact have more children Id love to keep adding a set for each child. :-) THEIR SO CUTE!

They are hand painted... dishwasher/microwave safe!
each of them comes with a matching cup, bowl and spoon.
Their the perfect size for toddlers and children.

Supermomz also carries a little girl version as well.

Use the coupon code fall to get 10% off any order...

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