Friday, February 15, 2008

Portrait Professional - a photographers DREAM!

I have been looking for a great yet affordable program to touch up portraits. With photographing people you want to be able to give them flawless looking photos. Now grant it none of us are flawless.. and I dont like the idea of nipping and tucking things to make us look like someone we arent... but I do know how annoying it is to have portraits taken and on the day of the shoot have a breakout. Its happen to the most beautiful im sure.

SO! like all the studios that offer "airbrushing" of photos to help us out when those times come... I have now found just as good a tool as those $100 dollar plus programs...
and it is called ...

*image above can be enlarged by clicking it*
I saw this online and was blown away by the demo version it let me download. I knew as soon as I saw what it could do that I had to have it...


Its not an expensive program. For what it allows you to do its well worth the money. If you want to try it out yourself just go to

They have a demonstration version that allows you to use the program to its fullest.. you just cant save the photos you touch up until you buy it.

You can touch up individual blemishes with this program... as well as whiten teeth or do the entire face. Its amazing!

And the thing I like best is I still look like me after the touch ups :-) just without the annoying breakouts I had when that photo was snapped.

Posted by Drea


  1. That's cool! I will def. try out the free trial...

  2. Never even noticed that you had a blemish on your face until I read that you said you took it away! But it does look like a neat program!

  3. That is so awesome. I'm going to have to try the free trial! What other programs do you use to do all the cool effects and stuff on your other pictures?

  4. Janelle, the only other program I use is Picasa by google ;-) works great!!


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